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Walk through the dead and fight your way through a nightmarish and iconic landscape brought to life with the help of some of the most talented artists in the history of film, television and video games.

How Jay Stein, MCA and Universal invented the Modern Theme Park: E.T. Adventure opened as an attraction that took passengers on a ride to a roofed show building. The Florida version was a more conventional theme park, but it paved the way for the development of Hollywood Park. Later that year, the Flash Flood set opened and the first special effects attraction proved to be a hit.

But twice as much damage was done when it destroyed the Burbank California Sheraton Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in the United States.

None of Universal's Animal Actors Live was shown, but many of the special effects used in filmmaking were shown on it. Many of the destroyed tapes contained declassified material, such as instrumental submasters and multitrack tracks, that were created for the soundtrack of the film and a number of other films and television shows.

In addition to the attraction, there was a Kwik-E-Mart gift shop and a sales car selling food and drinks. The grounds included the rides themselves, several restaurants surrounding the show and a "Despicable Me" franchise. Choose from a range of Ollivander's wands and a variety of other characters from the film and TV series.

The hotel offers a 50-seat garden room for breakfast, a 44-seat library lounge for dinner and an extensive wine and beverage list, and a 40-seat lounge with a bar specializing in vodkas and plastered - and - sides. Facilities include a pool, pool bar, floor-to-ceiling windows and an outdoor terrace overlooking the San Bernardino Mountains.

The Corner King Size Room measures 335 square meters and has a bed with a king size bed, a full bathroom and a private balcony. The room is slightly larger and has an area of 350 square meters, but it is slightly smaller than the other rooms in the hotel.

As the name suggests, the menu is full of all options - daily menus such as a Santa Fe grilled chicken quesadilla, hot dogs, burgers, tacos and more. If you're hungry for a dip, the Poolside Lounge offers festive drinks paired with Cajun menu. It is a worthwhile upgrade, as the hotel has a full bar at all times, where you can enjoy a hor d'oeuvre or breakfast in the evening.

In addition, the Upper Lot is home to the Streets of the World, which feature a French themed street with shops and restaurants, followed by the French themed streets of the World and Mel's Diner, known for its prominent role in Universal's classic American graffiti. Some 64 rooms have a kitchen and 11 suites offer amenities such as a spa, fitness centre, swimming pool, spa and gym. The subway lines 150, 155, 224 and 240 as well as the subway lines Gold and Blue Line.

If you prefer to drive without a car, the hotel also offers a free shuttle service to Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Hollywood Studios. This allows you to walk from the parking lot to your hotel so you don't have to worry about getting to the park. You can bundle discounted tickets from Universal Studios Hollywood for a stay in a hotel package for even deeper savings.

When Universal Pictures was acquired by the Music Corporation of America in 1962, the accountants suggested that a new tour director would increase profits, but in August 2008 Universal changed its position and announced that it would rebuild the King Kong attraction, with the new attraction based on the 2005 film version. Shrek 4-D closed in 2009 to make way for the DreamWorks Theatre attraction. In the then rural Universal City, which was still partly a farm, there was the possibility to buy fresh products.

About 70% of the studios were located on an unincorporated county island known as Universal City, while the rest were located within the city limits of Los Angeles, California. As a result, the Universal property, formerly occupied by Technicolor SA, was used as the home of a number of other studios including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures. Universal City was the location of Universal Studios Hollywood, one of the largest film studios in the United States and the birthplace of Hollywood's most famous stars.

How long it takes to get to your place depends on the famous traffic in LA you are likely to encounter wherever you are. When you finish your evening on the City Walk, there is always a chance to avoid the drive back to La Jolla, so I do my best to spend the night at the Burbank California Sheraton when I visit Universal Studios Hollywood.

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