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The city of Burbank, California, is stepping up to the world's largest music fair in the United States to lead a global delegation covering all aspects of the global music and media industry. The newly launched California Entertainment Week will open on Saturday, June 17, 2017, from 6-9 p.m. with its first ever international music festival, the California Music and Entertainment Expo (CEMA).

The MUSEXPO was very helpful for me, as I could meet wonderful people from all over the world. I # Ve has experienced a very fraternal environment in which people are willing to exchange ideas, contacts, advice and opinions with each other. We met some of the most talented musicians, artists, producers, writers, directors and producers in the music industry and I am very excited to meet them all.

This is a great way to meet other professionals and connect with like-minded studio owners and teachers from around the world. Connect with them to share their experiences, ideas and ideas. Residents will have access to social networking events taking place in Burbank, CA, to help them expand and advance in their industry. This is such an important event and I am pleased with the continued efforts to make this agreement possible.

The management is available for any questions you may have about this event or any other event. If you have any problems, please speak to them locally or if you have any problems, please contact the registration table of the convention. If we have any problems related to another show taking place on the same weekend, please contact us.

If you are coming from outside the city, we recommend stopping by to get autographs and enjoy the full experience of the convention. We cannot replace the autograph tickets purchased at the convention for the autograph photo op, but we recommend purchasing a ticket, although we cannot guarantee that it will not be sold out during the show. Please make sure you keep your PDF and hard disk ticket in a safe place. If you scan the PDF for use outside the convention, please allow the first person to use the unique pdf. Tickets and a la carte tickets are purchased only through our website, so we recommend you only buy them through the website.

In rare cases, errors may occur during the ordering process, which may require you to place your order again. We are not responsible for orders that are rejected during processing, but in rare cases there may be an error in the order process that may result in your orders not being reordered.

When you participate in a Creation event, you agree that your image will be used on our website, in news and documentaries, or in other media to be filmed by Creation Entertainment or other organizations. Any views or opinions expressed by talent or participants in the Convention are those of the author or person appearing on stage and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions and / or opinions of any affiliate party, such as the Creator or the Creator's company. Gold and silver cartridges will receive a copy of their signed gold / silver. If you have a cancellation, we will do our best to book a replacement, but we will need to give you the name and phone number of a cancelled actor to sign your gold or silver.

Photographs, audio and video recordings are for personal use only and public distribution for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Under certain circumstances, we allow audio / video recordings for private use, but not for public use. If you plan to shoot videos or use constant lighting, please contact production studios.

The prices currently listed are for a crew of 2-5 persons, which is non-invasive and only requires a very small part of the room for the duration of the shoot. Production with a larger crew, which leads to the doors being closed to customers, is offered in a higher price range and not listed.

All admission prices, passport and a la carte tickets are subject to change at any time and will be ordered as early as possible. Requests sent to customer service at the weekend will only be accepted after the event has ended.

If a particular guest is unable to attend, no admission badge or refund will be issued. In the event of a guest's cancellation or appointment changing, the guest is required to appear, and the Event Agreement stipulates that the performance is provisional and subject to change, as the requirements for film and television work and personal conflicts take precedence. If a particular guest cancels, vouchers are not refunded or issued, and no event will take place if they are cancelled or not.

If you notice any bad behavior at an event, please notify the contact list on the rules page or the printed schedule immediately. The full company policy sets the schedule of events to be distributed at the convention. Creation employees, who are always present, are responsible for the safety and well-being of all participants, employees and guests of the event.

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