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The most famous theme park in the world is located right here in the backyard of Los Angeles, and Southern California now has one of the most popular theme parks in the United States, Disneyland.

The Gibson Amphitheatre, built in 1922 and used as the summer residence of the L.A. Philharmonic, has adorned the stage with some of the most famous performers of all time. The biggest draw is Ellen DeGeneres with her annual "Ellen Degeneres Show" at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In addition to the show, it also hosts a number of other artists and awards ceremonies, including the Grammys and the Academy of Music Awards, as well as the Oscars and Golden Globes.

If you apply and get tickets to one of these shows, you are guaranteed to see one or two stars during your visit to the Los Angeles area. In California, students should take the opportunity to experience such a show with a following. For little money, throw away your cinema tickets for one night and attend a live show, visit the lot Angeles or take a trip to a local theater, such as the L.A. Philharmonic or Beverly Hills Playhouse.

In addition to world-class training at NYFA Film School in Los Angeles, students have the added benefit of studying and working in LA. Students not only have the opportunity to study and work in the world's most famous film studios, such as the New York Film School, but they can also shoot on the famous Backlot Tour that many people have seen. There are many great places to enjoy the views that Mulholland Drive has to offer.

NYFA Film School in Los Angeles also offers a personalized study experience, depending on the student's area of interest. Students can shoot in various locations, such as the New York Film School's own studio or one of the world's most famous film studios, Hollywood Studios.

The number of beaches in Southern California is comparable only by their diversity, and each beach has its own characteristics and personalities, but they all have their own personality.

The journey is easy, as Burbank Airport, the preferred airport for people, offers flights to many cities in the US and beyond. The city, home to Disney and the legendary Downtown Burbank, is also a great place to jump into the Los Angeles area and all that it has to offer. It also enjoys one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California.

Take a shot of Venice Beach, relax on the deck chair of Hermosa Pier or keep a card as a souvenir. Win a pass to the CTN Animation Exhibition, which runs October 1-4, 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Burbank, California.

Jackalope Arts will give free carrier bags to the first 25 guests who post a photo of a unique purchase at the fair. Visitors to the festival are invited to view murals from downtown Burbank Paseo's and shops and take photos of their favorites, which they can share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms using the hashtag # dtnbur.

Neighborhood kids can choose the Art Candy Machine on the corner of Burbank Paseo and Main Street. Come to see the work that can also be seen in Art Candy Machine, and come back for more. We hope it inspires artists to continue to create, because we know that their work can be seen on every corner of Burbanks where they are on display.

The immaculate homes and tree-lined streets also include Warner Bros. Studios, with its iconic buildings, and the iconic Burbank Paseo. Whether on the sprawling grounds of Universal Studios or in the expansive setting of Hollywood Boulevard, filmmakers will find places that match their imagination.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles County at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Mulholland Drive, Burbank is accessible via I-405, Santa Monica Boulevard or the 405 Freeway. The road starts at Wilsey Boulevard in the south and runs north to Santa Ana Boulevard, where the commercial part of the road makes way for a wealthy residential neighborhood. Once at MulHollands Dr., take I / 405 and turn left onto Mul Hollanders Drive, which leads to Burbank Paseo, the most popular shopping and restaurant district on the west side of Hollywood Boulevard.

In 1943, George W. Lutzi and William Allen designed and built Burbank Paseo, one of the most popular shopping and restaurant districts in Los Angeles County.

The Universal Studios Tour was launched in 1964 and there is the largest studio theme park in the world. The infamous Los Angeles theater, which opened 70 years ago in 1927, is so famous that Hollywood stars have been seen making an impression on the concrete. Burbank has a number of media-affiliated companies, such as Warner Music Group (which has registered as the new home of Warner Bros. Entertainment, the parent company of Paramount Pictures). During the walk, Audiences Unlimited will present over 35 network comedies shot in Los Angeles and offer free tickets to anyone who wants to be part of the studio audience.

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More About Burbank