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When it became known that the Los Angeles County was introducing a three-week ban on outdoor dining, Jeffrey Merrihue had just finished installing $80,000 worth of food stalls opposite an informal Italian restaurant that was secluded from the Pacific. It is not yet clear whether he broke any rules or what action should be taken when the booths were on city land and not his own, and were bolted onto the roadway at the insistence of the city. Governor Gavin Newsom is on trial for attending a private dinner at a restaurant in Santa Monica, California, on the same day as the district's ban. But Merrihue says everything is in line with the rules of his business, which he says has encouraged him to build his stalls in lines with the Santa Monica city's parking lots.

However, the small print makes clear that cities and subways can remain open as long as they are parked at least two hours before a snack and no more than three hours outside the car park.

It probably doesn't help that Merrihue turns on his outdoor heating, plays music and puts up signs that mark the area. Some argue that the public sector should promote exactly what it should do in the event of a pandemic, when one dissociates oneself socially from the outside world while the waiter wears face protection.

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On Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced the closure of the emergency room at the University of California's San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF), which was triggered when the intensive care unit fell below 15% capacity.

On Friday, several Bay Area counties issued stay orders - at home - even before they reached the benchmark. In response, the Los Angeles County closed all restaurants last week and urged people to stay home. Curiously, the decisive voice belonged to a San Francisco City Supervisor, one of the state's most populous, who argued that guests sitting outside without masks posed a threat to public safety and the health and well-being of residents. The same argument has been made by elected regulators in San Jose, Oakland, San Diego and Santa Clara County.

San Francisco's mayor, London Breed, admitted she had dined at one of the city's most popular restaurants for the past two weeks. Beloved restaurants are extinct across the city, including the popular El Camino Real in San Francisco City Hall and the iconic El Cajon Cafe in downtown San Jose. In Los Angeles, some were reportedly spotted eating al fresco for the first time since the ban came into effect.

But driving through the city's vibrant neighborhoods could be a depressing affair, as it hangs over the deserted streets with freshly cleared shop windows and barred windows. A temporary wooden and Plexiglas construction erected in summer offers one of the few bright spots. Restaurants like Merrihue's are allowed onto the roadway, but tourists must keep a distance of less than 6 meters. Even the main street in downtown San Francisco's Mission District has disappeared, full of tourists and residents who don't mask themselves.

Why else, residents say, should gyms and nail salons be allowed to open while large outdoor playgrounds and corridors suitable for open-air classrooms remain closed? And why else would restaurants, bars, cafes, and other businesses in the city's most popular neighborhoods allow themselves to continue, even if they are locked with padlocks and wrapped in a police warning tape?

Merrihue kept asking the inspector what she had done wrong, but he had no clear answer. No one even flipped through the videotape she recorded of the episode and came away empty-handed. Communication of the rules was gruesome, confusing, contradictory and overly official, "tweeted Save Burbank, a nonprofit advocacy group with more than 1,000 members.

Merrihue was willing to take her share of the pain for the common good, suffering from what she saw as official corruption and incompetence. For many, it was the first time a political leader in a public office had faced the consequences of his actions.

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